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Trips Week

DIA believes that Trips Week should serve the purpose of making the student body more international minded and better global citizens. A global citizen is someone who is aware of the wider world, cares about people and the environment, and takes action to make the world a better place. The DIA Trips Week is designed to give students the experiences that will inspire them to become caring global citizens. Students will engage in sustainable service and/or gain awareness of issues that transcend national borders. They will develop an understanding of issues of poverty, indigenous peoples, and environmental degradation and preservation while simultaneously helping people or building up cultural awareness and sensitivity. Students will often plan and work as teams, strengthening their teamwork for a common goal of greater good.

Taking place during the mid-term break in February, 2018 (11 Feb, 2018 - 15 Feb, 2018), the Trips Week is intended to stretch the boundaries of learning, while providing your child with the opportunity to visit new places and discover new skills.

The participation in the Trips week is not mandatory. The students that are not participating in the Trips Week would have to stay home as it is the mid-term break.

The goals of the Trips week program include, but are not limited to the following:

- Enrich and expand the cognitive and effective aspects of the IB curriculum by providing the students with diverse educational experiences.
- Allow students the opportunity to forge stronger links between the classroom and the wider world.
- Foster academic and personal growth through writing, research, and exploration.
- Reinforce self-esteem and provide a sense of achievement.
- Create positive interactions/relationships among students in groups, faculty, and other tour leaders in unique settings.
- Provide opportunities for service learning, adventure, curricular and cultural experiences, learning of lifelong skills, or for interdisciplinary learning.

For any enquires regarding Trips week, please drop an e-mail on