Friday / May 24 / 2019

Primary School Art Exhibition


Secondary School Swimming Gala


Secondary School Student Council

The finest example of a “government by the students, and for the students”, Dubai International Academy’s Student Council is comprised of active leaders within the school’s community. We stand as a voice for the students, and seek to enhance and promote a vibrant student life in school. The Student Council meets at lunch every Wednesday to discuss and promote various social, extracurricular, and academic activities for DIA’s students. In addition to organising events, the council is an active forum for debating new ideas and bringing suggestions from the student body to the school’s administration. In the recent past the Student Council has organised Friendship Day, Battle of the Houses, and many more events. We welcome input from all of our fellow students, and look forward to painting yet another annual picture of DIA’s ‘colourful student life’.

The Secondary School Student Council is run “by the students- for the students."