Friday / July 28 / 2017

Secondary School Cricket tour to India


Secondary School Swimming Gala


Secondary School - Sports Leagues

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DIA Competitive Sport Philosophy

• To provide all our students with the opportunity to participate in as many sports as possible

• To learn and develop advanced skills in sports

• To promote team spirit, sportsmanship, stability, and meaningful social development through diverse programs

• To field teams that are skilled, disciplined, dedicated, and motivated to achieve the best possible

• To promote the values of sports which will remain with our students for a lifetime

• To provide adequate coaching equipment and facilities


Dubai International Academy is a part of the DASSA League and participates in the following sports:

• Basketball

• Cross Country

• Netball

• Tennis

• Table Tennis

• Cricket

• Football

• Swimming

• Track & Field

• Volleyball

• Softball

• Badminton

• Tennis

• Golf

• Soft Ball


Season 1 - September 2016 to January 2017:

Football: U12 to U18 Boys and Girls

Swimming: U12 to U18 Boys and Girls

Volleyball: U14 to U18 Boys and Girls

Basketball: U16 to U18 Boys and Girls

Cricket – U12 to U18 Boys

Golf – one team based on golf handicap


Season 2 - November 2016 to March 2017:

Cross Country – U12 to u18 Boys and Girls

Athletics – U12 to U18 Boys and Girls

Cricket – U12 to U18 Boys

Badminton – U12 to U18 Boys and Girls

Tennis - U12 to U18 Boys and Girls

Netball: U12 to U18 Girls


Season 3 - March 2017 to May 2017:

Basketball: U12 to U14 Boys and Girls

Table Tennis: U12 to U18 Boys and Girls

Softball: U16 and U18 Boys and Girls