Monday / September 25 / 2017

Secondary School Talent Show


UAE National Day Assembly


Primary School Art Exhibition


Interact Club



The Interact Club was initiated in 2013 with the sponsorship of the Jumeirah Rotary Club. This student led club aims at improving the community via small and large projects alike, and carries out service projects that benefit DIA and our global community. 75 members are working to "Spread the Smile" in our school. For now, we are working within the school environment and in the immediate community. Building on successful initial activities, such as the awareness walks and events out of school such as Care Package from Adopt a Camp, The Sameness Project, etc. Interact @ DIA has also become heavily involved with SENSES Residential and Day Care for Special Needs in Umm Sequim. Volunteers’ parents and adults are welcome to help supervise activities. Please contact Miss Marie Louise Vanesse, 

Aditya Rathi, President of the Interact Club @ DIA


Aditya Rathi: President  Ananya Mirchandani: Head of Service
Shreya Sreeram: Secretary  Srishti Duragkar: Deputy Head of Service
Prajay Suresh: Treasurer Neal Amarnani: Head of Events
Braeden Bihag: Head of Media Nadim Khairallah: Deputy Head of Events
Shanai Tanwar : Deputy Head of Media Miss Marie Louise Vanesse: Supervisor