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Students entering Year 12 may opt for one of the following:

I. IB Diploma: The curriculum consists of six subject Groups

Group 1 Language A - English Lang/Lit HL or SL, English Lit HL or SL, Self-Taught mother tongue only at SL
Group 2 Language B - English B HL, Arabic HL or SL, French HL or SL, Spanish HL or SL, French Ab initio SL, Spanish Ab initio SL
Group 3 Individuals and Societies - History HL or SL, Economics HL or SL, Psychology HL or SL, Geography HL or SL, Business and Management HL or SL, ITGS HL or SL, Physics HL or SL (for students wanting to pursue Medicine)
Group 4 Experimental Science - Biology HL or SL, Chemistry HL or SL, Physics HL or SL, Computer Science HL or SL, Design Technology HL or SL, Environmental Systems & Societies SL, Sports Science HL or SL
Group 5 Mathematics - Maths HL or SL, Maths Studies SL
Group 6 Electives - Visual Arts HL or SL, Theatre Arts HL or SL, Music HL or SL OR a second subject from Group 3 OR a second subject from Group 4


To be eligible for the award of the Diploma candidates must:

1. Offer one subject from each of the above Groups.

2. Offer three subjects at Higher level (HL) and three at Standard level (SL).

3. Submit an Extended Essay of 4000 words in one of the subjects of the IBDP.

4. Follow the Theory of Knowledge course.

5. Engage in CAS Activities representing Creativity, Activity and Service.

II. IB Courses: Students who do not wish to take the Diploma programme may take IB Courses in five (possibility of 6) subjects of which English, Math are compulsory. It is preferred that two HL subjects are taken for university acceptance purposes.