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Secondary School Talent Show


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UAE National Day Assembly



Welcome to Dubai International Academy. Thank you for considering our school for the education of your child.

DIA attracts students from all over the world from many different curricula. Our main admissions intake is at the start of the Academic year in September, however we have an on-going admissions policy and we admit students throughout the year dependent on availability of places.

We accept students from any nationality and from any curriculum who are able to demonstrate that that they have the ability to successfully access the IB curriculum and who will contribute in a positive way to our school.

Our programs meet the needs of students who fall within the normal range of abilities. We have limited learning support resources within the school.

If you are interested in applying to our school please complete our application form.

Dubai International Academy is a 13 year system. Please read our year group equivalency information through the age criterion tab on the left, before completing the application form.

Our admissions office is located on the premises of Dubai International Academy.



Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

7:30 am - 3:30 pm

Friday, Saturday


Tel: (+9714) 3684111 ext. -113

Fax: (+9714) 3619050
Email: admissions@diadubai.com


Associated Schools

Dubai International Academy is part of the Innoventures Education group. We have 3 other international schools in Dubai, which are:

Raffles World Academy

If you would like further information on Raffles World Academy please visit their website  www.rwadubai.com

Raffles International School

If you would like further information on Raffles International School please visit their website  www.rafflesis.com

Collegiate American School

If you would like further information on Collegiate American School please visit their website www.casdubai.com