Monday / May 20 / 2019

Secondary School Swimming Gala


Secondary School Talent Show





Message from the Principal


It is my great pleasure to welcome you to Dubai International Academy Emirates Hills. We are the longest established IB continuum school in Dubai, offering an IB education from KG to Year 13. We have a multi-cultural ethos with students of 77 nationalities and staff from more than 30 different countries. We pride ourselves on having a highly qualified and experienced team of teachers and a world-class facility for academics, sport and the arts.

We believe in the importance of strong relationships existing between students, parents and teachers. All students should be encouraged on a daily basis to aim high and follow their dreams, with the notion that hard work is the key driver that enables outstanding academic performance. Equally importantly, we encourage our students to excel and participate in many different sporting, cultural and leadership opportunities. This enables them to develop their personalities and encourages them to be confident and happy individuals.

We place a huge emphasis on developing students’ mindsets to encourage them to be positive, inspirational and resilient. It is important that they develop self-belief and confidence. The concept of international mindedness and the benefits of being a global lifelong learner are key attributes to achievement in an ever changing world. Education is about preparing students for jobs in 10 or 15 years that don’t exist now. To do this, students need to be in a happy and safe environment. DIA works tirelessly to ensure that there is a strong ethos where kindness and respect prevail. These values then allow the students to become role models to each other and positive, well-grounded citizens who develop as future leaders.

I encourage you to visit and experience DIA Emirates Hills for yourself. Walk around our school and talk with our students. I am confident that you’ll be as impressed as I am by their respect and generosity, as well as their intellectual curiosity and concern for this world. They are the leaders of the future and everything that we do is centred on their development in what are the most important years of their life.

I look forward to meeting you.

Jayne Needham